Selling a Business

For many small business owners, their business represents years of hard work, investment, and sweat equity. Running a successful small business is a major accomplishment, and one that you are rightly proud of. Your business is one of the most important assets you will ever own, and a successful sale often helps fund your retirement or next career move.

We encourage you to carefully consider when, how and with whom you will list your business for sale. Our Successes and Testimonials explain why so many small business owners choose to work with Sunbelt New Mexico and Sam Goldenberg & Associates.

When to Contact Us About Selling a Business

While many of New Mexico’s small business owners dedicate numerous hours to starting, growing and sustaining their businesses, they often overlook one vital aspect: how they will exit.

Even if you are just beginning to think about selling your business, reach out to Sunbelt New Mexico early in the process for practical insight and guidance. While your business’ history of profitability is significant, other assets and business practices can also improve your ability to attract buyers. Visit Position Your Business for a Successful Sale to learn more.

Protecting the Confidentiality of Your Business 

The majority of businesses we present are confidential listings. We put every safeguard in place to prevent competitors, employees, and creditors to protect your business’ confidentiality and prevent any disruption in its operations or market position.

We only disclose the identity of your business after a qualified potential buyer provides a summary financial statement and signs a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Business buyers are typically professionals who recognize that honoring the terms of the NDA demonstrates good will, helps build a foundation of mutual trust, and not disclosing your business’ identity is in their own best interest as well.