Santa Fe Fresh for a 63-Year-Old Brand

Santa Fe Florist business sold July 6, 2015. Sam Goldenberg & Associates handled the transaction.There are now two fresh faces behind one of Santa Fe’s oldest brands. Long-time graphic designers Stephen Jones and Christopher Hill closed on Barton’s Flowers on July 6, 2015. Barton’s has been an indelible part of the community’s weddings, Mother’s Days, prom nights, and other celebrations since it first opened its doors in 1962. These soon-to-be ex-Chicogoans will be bringing their artistic, marketing and business talents to the St. Michael’s Drive Florist shop. The team of floral designers who have helped to make Barton’s reputation for artful floral arrangements, friendly customer service and Southwestern hospitality for more than a decade will continue to ply their craft. Jones and Hill will celebrate what they do and get the word out through social media, business development and community outreach.

Hill already made a splash in Santa Fe with the exhibit of his welded steel, acrylic and patina sculptures earlier this spring at Canyon Road’s Tansey Contemporary.

Leaving their beloved Chicago neighborhood was no easy decision for this artistic couple. We personally want to welcome them to the City Different, are excited about their ideas for innovating and refreshing this popular local brand, and look forward to working with Barton’s for many years to come. Don’t be surprised when, after a closing, you are presented with a “Santa Fe Fresh” floral arrangement.

Lead by Juliette Sweet, Sam Goldenberg & Associates intermediated this deal. It is SGA’s seventh closing of 2015. SGA has another three businesses due to close later in the summer. Barton’s previous owners Jim and Martha Black look will retire, but stay in the community and continue their work with their church.