Daniel and Jenna Johns Build on an Albuquerque Restaurant Tradition

bcd7e6f75307a40ff07a2d8c5559ebafSince acquiring Torino’s @ Home in mid-February 2016, Daniel and Jenna Johns have been busy. First came a redesign of the website with its nod to the original branding but now with a cleaner, crisper look. Next was Torino’s participation in New Mexico’s annual Restaurant Week held the second week of March.

This high-energy couple’s plans for this popular and acclaimed Northeast Heights Restaurant doesn’t stop there. With a background in restaurants and catering, the couple had been on the look-out for the right opportunity that would provide free reign for their entrepreneurial chops. What they envisioned was a venue with a solid foundation that they could enhance with the grace note of their own signature style. The pieces fell together when they contacted Sunbelt New Mexico, also known as Sam Goldenberg & Associates. After vetting the Johns, the New Mexico business brokerage arranged a confidential meeting with the then owners.

“When we walked into this one, it was almost magical. The atmosphere was amazing, the food was amazing; it was fine dining, but almost a casual atmosphere. It wasn’t pretentious,” Daniel John told the Albuquerque Journal. “We liked taking a foundationally grounded restaurant and injecting startup energy into it.”

The Johns will keep the name and preserve the focus on Northern Italian cuisine, while introducing French and Spanish influences and bringing more local ingredients into the kitchen. Echoing Torino’s sophisticated, casual ambiance, the couple’s recently inaugurated happy hours are already proving popular with Torino regulars, a diverse group made up of professionals, couples and visitors to the area.

Read the complete article at Jessica Dyer’s “Retail Roundup,” in the March 6, 2016 edition of the Albuquerque Journal.




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