“Big Brand, Small Town”

Michael-Greene-Radio-Show-Guest-Business-Matters-July-7_-2015What exactly does Sam Goldenberg & Associates do? If you’ve ever wondered what is involved bringing together aspiring business Buyers and Sellers, listen to Sam Goldenberg & Associates’ president Michael Greene and Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Simon Brackley’s July 21, 2015 radio conversation. In honor of Sam Goldenberg & Associates being awarded the City of Santa Fe’s 2015 Best Small Business of the Year, Simon invited Michael onto Hutton Broadcasting’s Business Matters for an in-depth conversation. Creating that neutral space where a Business Buyer and a Business Seller can come together to find where their interests intersect is what Sam Goldenberg & Associates specializes in. Listen to hear why Michael and Simon are so bullish about Santa Fe, how Santa Fe’s big brand/small town appeal is helping to attract more and more qualified buyers from all over North America, and why Sam Goldenberg & Associates has grown to be the largest business brokerage in New Mexico.