About Us

The Interior of Sunbelt New Mexico's Office

Sunbelt New Mexico’s team is knowledgeable, experienced and responsive to the needs of Albuquerque’s small business community. More than a business brokerage, we are a group of talented professionals dedicated to helping others discover that New Mexico a great place to work and live. We represent one of the largest portfolios of Santa Fe and Albuquerque businesses for sale and bring to market businesses throughout the state.

The Sunbelt Network and Sam Goldenberg & Associates

Sunbelt New Mexico unites the brands of the Sunbelt Network and Sam Goldenberg & Associates (SGA). We combine Sunbelt’s global reach with SGA’s local presence. The power of these brands allow us to maximize the exposure of your Albuquerque business for sale and cultivate relationships with aspiring business owners.

We are New Mexico’s exclusive affiliate of the Sunbelt Network, the world’s largest group of business intermediaries. Nearly 250 independently owned affiliates in 13 countries on five continents make up the power and reach of the Sunbelt brand. Averaging 3,000 closed transactions a year, Sunbelt is the undisputed global leader in the sale of privately held businesses. Our Sunbelt connection puts your business for sale in front of regional, national, and international business buyers and investors.

Sunbelt New Mexico is also closely aligned with SGA, a business brokerage that has been established in Northern New Mexico for over 30 years and has facilitated the sale of some New Mexico’s best known and beloved brands. When a Santa Fe business owner contemplates exiting their business or an entrepreneur wants to buy a business in Santa Fe, it is to SGA that they turn.

Since the Sunbelt Network designated us as its exclusive New Mexico affiliate, we have deepened our penetration of the Central New Mexico market. We are now one of the most active business brokerages in Albuquerque with  a large portfolio of Albuquerque businesses for sale.

Our History

Sam Goldenberg formed the self-named business brokerage in 1983. Michael Greene acquired the company in the mid-2000s. He retained the SGA name not only to honor Sam’s legacy, but because he firmly believes that buying an established business makes sense. When we list the many advantages of buying an existing business over starting your own, our advocacy is not based on an abstract theory. It is firmly rooted in our own experience and success.

Michael Greene expanded SGA’s geographical reach, grew its sales, and increased its staff. Based on sales volume, it soon became the leading business brokerage in New Mexico. The Sunbelt Network recruited SGA to be its exclusive affiliate for northern New Mexico in 2012.

In 2014, when Sunbelt was looking for an affiliate to represent it in the central and southern regions of New Mexico, it once again approached Sam Goldenberg & Associates. An understanding was quickly reached and Sunbelt New Mexico was launched. Today we have businesses for sale across New Mexico.

Our Philosophy 

Providing objective, accurate information is pivotal to Sunbelt New Mexico’s success. The transparent flow of communications between business buyers and sellers allows both parties to make educated decisions regarding what is in their best interest, builds trust, and helps them work through issues. When both business buyers and sellers have access to the same information, it fosters amicable, stress-free negotiations.

Our Approach to Marketing Albuquerque Businesses

Sunbelt New Mexico provides that neutral space where business owners and buyers can explore where their interests intersect. Our team will guide you through each aspect of the process, safeguard the confidentiality of your businesses for sale, and protect you from “tire kickers” who have no real interest or capacity to purchase a business. We advise you when it is in your best interest to bring in third-party advisers for an added layer of scrutiny and expertise. With experience in structuring complex transactions, our guidance is based on real world scenarios.

We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but we will tell you what our research supports. Our client referrals, repeat business, and client testimonials speak to the success of our approach.

We invite you to learn more Our Leadership Team, and to discover what makes us the market leader at the Sunbelt New Mexico Advantage.